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99.9* percent Times Your OTP WILL NOT FAIL, COME WHAT MAY!

*And for the rest of the 0.1 per cent time, when you request voice call, we bear the price!

How does Send OTP work?

How does Send OTP looks?

Verify your phone number
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Your phone number is now verified.

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How are we so sure to deliver your OTP?

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How much do we charge?

Only for SMS since it is powered by MSG91.And it’s our pride.

Remember: If voice call is requested due to non-delivery of OTP text, pricing is on us.

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What have we got?

Security is crucial but it doesn't have to be at the cost of losing a user. So you don't lose them!

We have a Start 2-factor authentication facility. Guess what, in less than 2 minutes!

What exactly did we do?

We made enabling 2-factor authentication a cake walk! Now you get to secure your website/your App in 2 minutes by 2Fa (Mobile verification).

We Will NEVER EVER let your end-user go Promise!


  • Generate OTP, Send OTP and verify Mobile.
  • Track all reports
  • Enable 2-factor security/authentication in 2 minutes
  • Your user may live in any city of any country! We have got him covered. Guaranteed OTP.

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Why my OTP fails?

There are many reasons of OTP failure. They can be due to your mobile network, banned routes, glitch on the part of SMS operator. At SendOTP, we give you a retry option with a voice call. This makes us the best OTP service provider in India.

How can I prevent failure of OTP SMS?

The only way to prevent failure of OTP SMS or one time password is by choosing the most trustworthy partner such as sendotp.com. SendOTP guarantees the delivery through an automatic system that generates a voice call in case of failure of delivery. You can generate OTP, send OTP and get a mobile verification. It’s the OTP SMS gateway that works for you worldwide. If you are looking for otp service providers in India, your search must end here.

How can I ensure delivery of OTP?

By using proper ways of integration (Sending SMS plus retry voice) and making sure that you have a backup solution available. Or use SendOTP- which is an exclusive service introduced by MSG91 through which we ENSURE that OTP reaches the end-user come what may. First, our robust system ensures the sure-shot delivery of OTP 99% of the times. But for that .1% when it doesn’t reach, we provide free voice call.

What is the difference between OTP via SMS and OTP via SENDOTP ?

SENDOTP is a fall-back-ready system so that you get a sure-shot delivery unlike using any OTP SMS gateway or any other OTP via SMS service.

Is SENDOTP a 2FA (two factor authentication) service?

Yes. we have a two-factor authentication service. You can enable 2FA in 2 minutes.

How does sendOTP offer guaranteed OTP delivery?

Apart from being fall-back-ready, our system automatically generates a free voice call for that .1% of the time when OTP is not delivered. And guess what, the cost of voice call is on us. This is a unique otp sms service in India.

Does SendOTP offer International OTP delivery?

YES. If we see worldwide, there are more than 10,000 networks and guarantee of delivery every SMS on each network is almost impossible. But you know, we have free voice call. So we offer 100% OTP delivery worldwide.

"SendOTP is an OTP generating and delivering mechanism developed by MSG91, the best OTP service provider in India. Avoid complex integrations and employ hassle-free two factor authentication and mobile verification service just by copy-pasting a couple of codes. Once the codes are integrated, we'll generate and deliver One Time Passwords to your clients through our well-designed OTP SMS gateway. And if any OTP SMS doesn't reach in 2 minutes, we send a voice SMS on our cost."